518 Hebei

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Special Enterprise Zone In Hebei Province

Xiong'an New S.E.Z. Area In Hebei


  1. Announced April 1, 20178 as a Special Enterprise Zone (S.E.Z.)
  2. President Xi's vision to replicate this area as an enterprise zone similar to Shenzhen in 1980 and Shanghai in 1992
  3. Initial phase will be to develop a 100 Sq. KM area and expanding to 2000 Sq. KM

First S.E.Z - Shenzhen in 1980


  1. Population was approximately 30,000
  2. Very little commerce with small villages
  3. Located near Hong Kong
  4. It was just a small fishing village called Bao'an County. In 1979, it was renamed Shenzhen City. 

Shenzhen Today


  1. Population is over 12 million
  2. Major corporate headquarters and factories
  3. Shenzhen is one of the cleanest cities in China to enjoy good environment and beautiful natural resources.

Second S.E.Z. - Shanghai in 1992


  1. Population was approximately 8 million
  2. The Shanghai Hongqiao Airport had 6.15 million passengers  in 1992, making it the third-busiest airport in China
  3. Was considered the trade and financial hub in China

Shanghai Today


  1. Population exceeds 24 million
  2. Largest and wealthiest city in China
  3. The longest metro system in the world beneath the city with 588 km of track
  4. Boast the world's fastest high-speed train
  5. The second Shanghai airport, Pudong International Airport served 66,002,414 passengers in 2016, making it the second-busiest airport in China

Third New S.E.Z - Xiong'an


  1. Primary purpose is to shift population away from Beijing which is choked with over 20 million people
  2. May cap population to 5 million
  3. Hebei Province has been Iowa's Sister State for over 30 years
  4. What is next???
  5. Now is the time to be a part of this incredible growth area!!!


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