518 Hebei

U.S. Phone: (515) 440-2980

Frequently Asked Questions & Flyer


1. What is the Itinerary or synopsis of the trip?

The 5.18 Trade Fair information will be sent out on or before February 25, 2018. Please subscribe to the Updates on Home Page.

2. Cost To Attend?

The cost to attend the 5.18 Trade Fair including air, hotel, Visa, local transportation, meals, translator, and the Expo booth is estimated to be $6,000. There may be a subsidy provided to reduce this cost.

3. Will I need a Passport and Visa and how do I get one?

A team member from Ten Square International (TSI), one of the official Hebei partners, will assist you in acquiring the China Visa and U.S. Passport services. 

4. Where will I stay?

A 4 Star Hotel in Langfang for three nights and Beijing for three nights near the Expo hall.

5. How will I get from the airport to the hotel?

TSI will arrange all transportation transfers to/from the airport and hotel.

6. Will activities be arranged?

Formal and informal business receptions, dinners, tours and meetings will be setup for the potential business opportunities.

Other exhibitions will be available either before or after the 5.18 Trade Fair in order to maximize your visit.  Please see AVAILABLE EXPOS tab for more details.

5.18 Trade Fair Flyer